I’m interested in whether the inanimate  can be imbued with ‘presence’ by ritual, time and the innate processes of materials.

The outcomes include installations, objects, video and performance with integral elements of public engagement and co-making. There is a therapeutic aspect to my work.

Poetry and text are integral to my practice; I write what Richard Sennett calls ‘expressive instructions’ to engage craftspeople by poetic invitation to co-make ‘objects’. I have worked with blacksmiths, glass-blowers, potters, dancers, poets and seamstresses to to make objects: hooks to “hold everything up”, to mill wheat, throw pots and make dresses to "draw water in".

I invite them to practice their ‘metis’ - the gift of ‘craftiness’ to craftspeople.



Solo Shows

2017 'Censing'. All Saints West Dulwich, London.

2017 'SEA WELL'. St James's Piccadilly. London

2015 'Her floe-fall lament'. St. James's Piccadilly, London

2014 ‘Disturbed’. St James’s Church Piccadilly, London.

2013 ‘Flash Delphic’. 44AD Artspace, Bath.

2010 'Ice and Fire', St Ethelburga’s Centre, London


Group Shows                   

Penelope's Journey   from BEING/far from home at the Anise Gallery, London.  Digital Photograph (2014)

Penelope's Journey

from BEING/far from home at the Anise Gallery, London.

Digital Photograph (2014)

2017 'My Place'. Brixton East Gallery, London.

2017 'Foundlings'. FaB, Bath.

2014 ‘BEING/far from home’. Anise Gallery, London.

2014 48 Hours Notice (Souvenir) ‘Second Mouth’ space, Swindon

2013 ‘BIG DEAL 5’, Q Park, Cavendish Square, London

2013 ‘The Nearness of Gold’. Porthleven also at O3 Gallery, Oxford.
The Guildhall. Bristol. Sion Hill Gallery, BSAD. Bath.

2013 “HOUSE” installation. MFA Exhibition. BSAD. Bath.

2013‘ The Map is the Territory’, 44AD Art Space, Bath.

2013 ‘Beyond Memory’ Fringe Arts, Bath.

2010 Bodies Transformed, The Crypt Gallery, London

2009 Wandsworth Open House, London

2009 Urban Art, Brixton, London

2009 Winter Open Studio, Vanguard Court, London

2009 Vanguard Court Open Studios, London

2008 Wandsworth Open House, London

2007 Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts

2006 Digest 2, Redgate Gallery, London

2006 Digest This, Menier Gallery, London

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London



April 2015 ‘Brisons Veor’, Cape Cornwall.

2014-15 ‘The Watching Loft’. All Saints West Dulwich, London

May 2013 ‘Porthleven’, Cornwall.