Co-making is integral to my practice. I write what the Richard Sennett calls ‘expressive instructions’ to commission craftspeople by poetic invitation. I have worked with blacksmiths, a glass-blower, potters, dancers, poets, seamstresses and others. 

 I invite them to practice their ‘metis’ - the gift of ‘craftiness’ to craftspeople.



Sara Mark, 2013

with blacksmith Simon Butler.

Reforged steel, charred timber, cloth, cold-cast bronze, leather. 

(21.5 x 2.5cms)

A visiting musician recounted how the first player of the Lyre achieved his musical prowess. It involved a Faustian pact, a black-handled knife and a severed finger tip. 

A poetic instruction  was sent to a blacksmith requesting a black-handled knife. His payment was in Byzantine bronze. 





Sara Mark, 2013

Byzantine bronze, leather, cord




Sara Mark, 2012

with ceramacist Andrew Temple-Smith.

Porcelaine, Aqua Sulis, laser-etched timber, work-bench.

Installation view (Approx. size 185 x 60 x 90 cms.)

A poem was sent to a ceramicist requesting three porcelain drinking-vessels. 

Cross, Kings, Hetling are the names of the three geo-thermal springs rising under the city of Bath: the water was and is known as Aqua Sulis.


* Kotyle: In classical antiquity a Kotlyle was a measure of volume containing about half a pint, often used for wine cups or medicines.


Sara Mark, 2012 

A letter with the poem attached was sent unannounced to Somerset-based blacksmiths requesting well-hooks. Hooks were gratefully received from:

Simon Butler

Andy Thearle

Alistair James

Ben Horrobin

James Horrobin



Sara Mark, 2012

with seamstress Heather Gillard

Calico, forged steel

(165 x 45 cms)