Effra Bowl. The bowl was filled with River Effra water which evaporated during the course of two months; this is the result.
 Use, re-use and transformation of a palette of eight (7+1) materials.
 A  ‘poetic instruction’  was sent to a local blacksmith inviting him to forge a hook. He came with his son to present it on the first Sunday of the residency at an event entitled ‘ Offering ’ in which the palette was offered and placed in the Watching Loft studio. The hook was used in installations throughout the residency.
 ADVENT: Waymaker  200 feet of rope stretched diagonally along the full length of the church.
 even this… a response to an icon of Eve using the hem torn off the linen sheet. It was sent to a seamstress together with a poem; this is the result. It was installed on Candlemass on the 1st February, 2015.
 Pour OUT was installed for the festival of Pentecost. Part of the linen sheet was torn into a narrow strip over 70 feet long which was suspended from the chancel roof. A powerful industrial fan was installed in one of the galleries and provided movement as well as a sound-piece forte installation. The accompanying text was adhered to the glass entrance doors.
 The palette of materials. Wheat, wood-ash, River Effra water, galvanised bucket, rope, forged hook, steel bowl.
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