and a definite date.

I have booked my flight. I fly to Biarritz from Stansted on Monday 9th May 2016 at 14.05. I'm planning to stay over night there and then take a train the next day to Irun or San Sebastian - a direct journey of about 30 minutes by train.

Strange how an airfare advertised at £27.00 ends up being £66.78 when all the add-ons are included!

Having previously mentioned Hermions (Gifts of Hermes), I have decided to reread TRICKSTER MAKES THIS WORLD by Lewis Hyde. I hope I'm not asking for trouble by doing so, but I intend to trust synchronicity for the journey; that and the hand of a life-affirming God. It's worked so far...

Hermes is the god of crossroads, boundaries and transitions. The lucky-find is the flip-side of unlucky-loss and I suppose that a long journey will involve both at some point. Hyde starts his chapter on THE LUCKY FIND with a quotation from Paul Valery?

'The bottom of the mind is paved with crossroads.'