The day started with a nice meeting with a German girl who introduced herself. She's injured her foot with a badly fitting insole and can't walk, so is travelling by bus but thinks she might have to stop. And then the sock disaster strikes!

I've picked up the wrong green Smart Wool hiking socks. I've got a XL pair here which means that some poor chap has got my small ones- or they're still on the washing line at Castro Urdiales. This is bad news since I only one other pair and how am I going to wash and dry them? I don't know what the Camino etiquette is on this sort of thing. I left the XL pair in the Albergue here and hope they come in handy for someone. 
I hope the owner had more than one pair... If not, that really would be disaster. Yikes. 

A well earned rest day. There's nothing to do here except watch the clouds and buzzards and listen to the wind rattle the palm tree leaves.  There's a breeze but it's sunny. 

I had a double portion of tortilla for breakfast in the bar at Liendo and then set off uphill. I was here in an hour's steady climb and settled in. A simple private alberge run by a young man Alberto and his wife- with an outside hot shower and an outside cooker, where I made a Calorie-Max lunch. Followed by a siesta and yoga before supper, provided by Alberto: pasta salad and tuna with suspicious looking turkey cubes, followed by yoghurt and a banana. 

There's no one here except me and a couple of cats and some big dogs over the fence. The Spaniards like their dogs especially scary looking mastiff types. 

I occasionally  wonder what's going on in the news; I guess the same as usual. I worry about leaving Europe. The more I wander
around Spain, the more I feel part of the same family. 

So a 'nothing happened day' which I really needed and whizzed by. Bed by 10pm in a huge empty dorm- no snoring tonight.