DAY 4 20 July 2017 Divining Rods


George finishing the divining rods

George finished a simplified version the divining rods today and we set off to explore the site. I'm keen that the 'Land' and 'Place' inform as many of the interventions as possible, such as the placing of the suikinkitsu, steps, paths and other features. I located the energy line travelling north-east west and discerned the centre point of a labyrinth that will form part of a meandering contemplation-walk.

We have decided against the solar fountain pump and will use water collected from the studio roof to feed the hand-washing bowl and suikinkitsu. The existing pipework runs about four feet away and taps can be installed to direct and regulate the flow. I also divined the position  for the installation of the Suikinkitsu!


The ceramic pot will form the chamber of the Suikinkitsu  

We also started to prune the guava tree on the bank that form the backdrop to the Suikinkitsu and define the route to and from the labyrinth. There is a low wall of boulders that edged the old track that will be rebuilt to create informal steps and seating overlooking the labyrinth.


Oh what a lovely tap. Rain water harvested from the studio roof will feed the Suikinkitsu. 

Claire, George and the kids went for an educational visit to a local plastic-bag factory in East London today. Apparently it's very difficult to recycle plastic bags because the machines are easily damaged by dirt; the best way is to burn them at the very high temperatures as fuel for energy production! 

Delicious baked sweet potato and butternut squash for supper. It's chill at night and I'm glad of my Camino cold weather gear and hot water bottle. 


Buttons the dog