DAY 7 23 July 2017 Yoga and Monkeys


They look cute but.... 

Cher runs a weekly Sunday morning yoga class at 'Tea in the Trees' tea-garden on a small wooden platform in the forest.


Early morning yoga in the forest

It's about a 20 minute drive away past small game reserves with views of buck and giraffe through the fence. Vervet monkeys with their babies run over the road, along telegraph wires and peer out of roadside trees.


'Tea in the Trees' tea room hosts yoga classes in the forest

There were five of us in the class for an energetic 1.5 hours of bending and stretching. It was lovely to see the African trees overhead and I feel much better for some exercise, especially after the strenuous hole-digging yesterday.

We then collect the children from swimming and sailing in The Lagoon nearby and return for coffee and a fry-up brunch.

I discover I've been bitten by pepper-mites and all my clothes and bedding have to be washed and I'm sprayed with organic herbal spray to get rid of them- very itchy!


Cintsa Lagoon looks very inviting 

This afternoon it rained and I spent time reading up on Japanese gardens for inspiration. We consider how to cast the concrete slab under the Suikinkitsu and what happens to the overflow water - I suggest a well at the centre of a labyrinth.


A Neolithic stone scrapper is unearthed in the pit today. Very exciting. 

The overall scheme is getting bigger by the day and will be under construction for months to come! I will get the divining rods out again tomorrow to test some of our ideas; the Place seems to know what it wants.

The garden after rain. An old tree stump may form a future sculpture.... 

The garden after rain. An old tree stump may form a future sculpture.... 

Apparently, it's going to get warmer next week which is excellent news as I'm having to layer all my clothes in the evening. I'm wearing yoga leggings, a pair of trousers, a dress, socks and trainers and two fleeces tonight.

The Scops Owls are calling and it's time for bed... 9pm!! 


Anna's window art