DAY 12 28 July 2017 Polishing the Guava tree


The Guava tree has been polished

Continued with the construction of the Yin pool. The waterproofing system is a fleece blanket coated with layers of brown acrylic paint, which is used here for farm-dams (reservoirs). Lots of households here collect the rainwater from their roofs in huge tanks; Claire and George's house has 30,000L capacity. The rains start again in September. 


The Guava tree trunk in its polished glory

The Guava tree has become a central element and later I experiment with polishing the smooth sinuous trunks of the tree with cooking oil and a soft cloth; the dull brown branches turn to a wonderful bright olive-gold colour which glows in the low evening sun. 


The lamp on its stone base 

George and I agree that 'fire' needs to be included somewhere in the layout to balance the elements. I dowse the position for an knarled, pitted stone that slowly develops into a stand for an old iron lantern that's been knocking around for years. Another surprise incremental development. 


Out on the town

Later, Claire and I go for a girl's night out in East London. An acoustic band, 'Folkify' are playing in a small music venue; a guitarist, violinist and a beat-box player. It's a fun evening; an eclectic selection of folksy-ballads, blues and 'golden-oldy'  covers of Jethro Tull, Uriah Heap and James Taylor. A large glass of red wine costs about £1.00.

Home to bed under a magnificent starry sky and a waxing moon.