DAY 15 31July 2017 Polishing Basalt


Polishing the black basalt 'Mother-stone' that will stand by the Yin pool.

I'm intrigued that the Mermaid has returned-four times in three days. I'm not sure why but she has returned in very different guises...


Mermaid 4

Claire returned from dropping off the kids this morning with a powerful water-pistol to discourage the monkeys from stealing the chicken's eggs and fruit from the kitchen... it's made of garish coloured plastic and has two power settings and it looks like it might do the trick. She's been lacing banana skins with chilli powder but they seem not to mind. 


Finishing with a bees waxed rag

I spent most of the day polishing a black sea-washed basalt stone which will stand on the edge of the Yin pool. It has a wonderful pregnant shape which has been accentuated by polishing it to a high gloss by hand and mechanical buffers.

The garden has quietly and by its own volition balanced its elements in a Yin Yang sort of way. The sunlit raised, dry, white vertical whale-bone on its tall plinth now has its counterpoint in the low, concealed, shady, black-pebble lined Yin pool.

Later I washed out the suikinkitsu in readiness for assembling it tomorrow and installed a couple of the stepping-stones which is trickier than it looks. George installed some steps and I'm looking at locations to plant some ferns and irises.


Washing out the Suikinkitsu