DAY 24 9 August 2017 Party Time


The first resident has moved into the new stone wall behind the Yin pool.  

This evening is the public 'opening' event for the Suikinkitsu, so last minute preparations took most of the day. Almost 100 night-lights in brown-paperbags, 20 waxed-paper lanterns and a slideshow of images. George made several sets of divining rods for visitors to try out.


Party in the studio

The first person to arrive was Victor the 'Rock-Art' expert with his sets of handmade and powerful looking divining rods. He also brought his crystal pendulum. About 20 people turned up plus children and were welcomed with Pimms that I brought from London. 


A visitor tries out the 'Listening Tube' which amplifies the musical sound of the Suikinkitsu.

I talked about the development of the garden, the importance of listening to the site and not forcing or imposing upon it and demonstrated the divining rods. As expected there was a lot of interest in them and several people said they intended to plot  their gardens with rods; even the development of their land.


The first walker in the illuminated labyrinth. 

The listening tube for the suikinkitsu was much appreciated and it was heartening to see lots of people delight in it. The subtlety of the suikinkitsu's tinkling-sound meant that the actual piece was barely audible amongst the chatter of the party, so the tube came into its own. 


A group of friends silently walk the labyrinth

I lit the labyrinth and the Censer just as dusk fell; it was wonderful to see the children engage with it. Three little girls spent a long time slowly walking in line and then crouched huddled together, enjoying the magic of the central space. 


The centre of the labyrinth  

A delicious 'bring and share' supper was served at 8pm; later when had people left, I walked the labyrinth myself and watched the nearly full-moon rise over the lantern-lit garden. My work is done.


All done. The Suikinkitsu garden at night.