DAY 22 7 August 2017 Censing a Lunar Eclipse


A close up view of the censer. The incense and tea-light sit on an Abalone shell from the beach. 

Hard at work with the arc-welder and metal bashing hammer most of the day. The steel is from old oil drum lids and is very rusty and battered which adds to the wildness of the piece. It is hung from a Lucky Bean Tree on the 'Bird Line'.

Claire bought some Indian incense cones in East London and at 6.00pm we had a ceremonial moment: turned on the water to the Suikinkitsu, lit some lamps in the Guava tree and incense in the censer, then poured a glass of red wine.


Partial Lunar Eclipse

At about 8.15pm there was a partial lunar eclipse clearly visible in the breaks in the clouds. An auspicious day for the inauguration of the suikinkitsu. The Night Jars are singing.