The day started with a hill at 7am and kept on going from there. Rolling green hills, pine woods, views of the sea- all softened by mist and rain. The 'Red Dwarf' came into its own and kept me dry from the outside anyway. 

Some kind person had made a pilgrim relief-station outside their house, complete with chairs, water and sello. So I had my breakfast there, just before it started to rain. 

I walked on and off, with a group of French and Italians and a single Japanese man on his second pilgrimage. 

A lovely spring of drinking water in the middle of a wood. Then on the final descent in a rocky Roman road- very hard walking on large slippery stones. My poles have become best friends- worth all the money I spent on them!

Finally made it to Orio at 12pm and sat in the porch on a comfy arm chair until the lovely Hospitalera came along. Albegue San Martin is a real oasis- it has a separate dining room for communal supper and breakfast, with a stunning view of the mountains over the valley and a spin dryer - more to the point. Orio is a fishing town with a history of whaling and today was their 'whale festival', so the town was packed withd people in Basque costumes, excited children and music. And plenty of drinking. 

A jolly supper with wine and then bed. A good day but need to sleep.