DAY 16 1 August 2017 Yin Pool


Placing black basalt pebbles in the Yin Pool

There was an electricity outage all day from 6.30am-6.50pm. Luckily there is a gas hob and plenty of hot water.

Lots of discussions about siting of objects and vistas across site. We repositioned one of George's sculptures on the 'Bird Line' at the far end of the garden and it looks very good there.


An unusual mixture of infill materials

Wiseman and George tackle more step and wall building and I start infilling the void between the ceramic pot and the oil drum. We decided on glass wine bottles and abalone shells to create a mix of air gaps and resonance.


The Yin Pool is filled with water


Reflections of the Guava tree

We collected a bucket of black basalt pebbles and I finished lining the Yin pool. I filled the pond with water and wonderful reflections of the Guava tree appear.  The overflow water trickles into the base of the 'Mother-stone' and then out into the garden.