DAY 17 2 August 2017 Three Treasures


Three balls turned up today

More steps and walls today. We are slowly working our way around the site and the new and existing stone walls are linking up in a nice sinuous line.


Steps and Walls

George has started the Sneeze-Wood steps down from the studio. Their position and number of steps has be divined and they look very good as they emerge nicely out of the grass bank.

The Milkwood log that has been lurking in the grass area outside the studio doors has been difficult to resolve. We think it could be split into planks to make a low bench- tomorrow's job perhaps?


Infilling the gap between the oil drum and ceramic pot has called for ingenuity. Glass bottles, abalone shells and expanding foam. 

Three treasures turned up in the shrubbery I was clearing today. A round white pebble, a black ball and a hard dried Guava fruit. Not sure why this is significant?

This evening I divined the edge of the future pond- it is presently a pit for growing bananas which isn't  successful. It lies directly in the Bird Line and will be visible from the studio.