DAY 19 4 August 2017 We have plants!


There is an avo tree in the garden but they don't bear fruit until about 7 years old. 

George adjusted the drainage levels to the Suikinkitsu and tomorrow we will know if it has been successful. The tap gets turned on in the morning... 


One of the chicken's has gone broody and has been put into solitary confinement. Huge commotion and clucking. 

The big event was going to buy plants at a couple of nurseries. Lots of helpful advice and we came home with a boot full of ferns, black grass (Ophiopogon nigrens) and white agapanthus. We also bought materials for the final building projects.


Waterside planting for the Yin pool

Wiseman planted most of the plants around the Yin pool and it looks very good; the plants in the cracks in the wall will be the finishing touch.