DAY 20 5 August 2017 Dipper and Pebbles


A rainy morning's work

It was cold and raining today so after altering the levels and the final waterproofing the Suikinkitsu was covered and left it to cure. It was definitely a workshop day.

I spotted a piece of bamboo that I thought would make a good dipper (Hishaku) and set about sanding, polishing and oiling it to form the 'cup' and a piece of Wild Olive was sourced from the wood stack for the handle. A collaborative process of discussion and whittling ensued until a nicely 'wild' handle emerged. 


Finished dipper

We also fixed a post to hold the listening tube. Traditionally it is made from bamboo but this one is partly-polished copper tubing. 


The listening tube rests in a forked stick. It is positioned at the top of the steps over one of the holes in the suikinkitsu 

After lunch friends arrived for tea and I spread the last pebbles on the Suikinkitsu; the lamp was lit to celebrate as darkness fell.


The stepping stones and pebble bed

The almost full moon rose and threw twisting shadows on the walls of the Yin pool, reminiscent of rock art Koi-San 'dancers'.


Moon rise over the lantern



Curry for supper to celebrate. The moon is reflected in the Yin pool. Magic!